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    Matt Coben is a seasoned professional with a diverse set of skills. He's made a profession out of prioritizing the needs of others over his own.


    He is currently the Taproom Manager at Funky Buddha Brewery in Oakland Park, Florida. This is a position that has tested him in a variety of ways, as he has gained valuable experience juggling various applications at the same time. He has formed strong bonds with his coworkers, learnt how to manage various goods and inventory, and used a number of marketing methods to raise the Funky Buddha Brewery's profile. He has worked hard in his current role to maintain the Funky Buddha Brewery ahead of its competitors. This has necessitated the use of a number of approaches, including traditional brick-and-mortar techniques as well as internet marketing strategies, to ensure that consumers are informed of upcoming events, new beers on tap, and changes to the Funky Buddha Brewery's operations. This commitment to his current position has earned him a reputation as one of the industry's most dependable professionals. Furthermore, it has elevated the Funky Buddha Brewery's profile, making it easier for the brewery to fill seats and empty kegs.


    Despite the fact that Matt Coben hails from Charlotte, he is now living his dream in Florida. He has a strong interest for craft beer, as well as the many tastes and possibilities that this passion offers, and he gets to indulge this passion at the Funky Buddha Brewery. Simultaneously, he has pursued a wide range of other interests. He recognizes the significance of preserving both physical and emotional well-being. That is why he works as hard outside as he does inside the Funky Buddha Brewery. In his spare time, he'll most likely be found exploring one of the nearby bike trails.

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